Rinuja Hi-Tech Bio Power Private Limited

Since two decades, we have been researching in fuel and environmental science through 5 types of plants and after our constant efforts, it became fruitful in our mission of reducing the global warming.

Subsequently, our company is mainly producing Bio-oil Additive for petrol and diesel vehicles, which reduces Global warming, Carbon Deposit Engine, Vibration, Fuel Cost, Enhancement of Mileage

The scanned electron microscopic test proves the higher level molecules are reduced to lower level molecules, so that the fuel burns inside the engine 100%. So,there is no unburnt fuel like carbon mono-oxide and hydro-carbons from the exhaust.

Comparision of Carbon Deposit

With Carbon Deposit

Before Using additive the spark plug becomes blackish the formation of carbon interrupts free flow of power leading to starting trouble.

Without Carbon Deposit

After using Additive,the carbon deposits are removed gradually, leading to free functioning of spark plug.

it is just a prescription to vehicle’s combustion zone as prescription to human digestive system. Rinuja bio-oil fuel additive is an additive for fuel which assimilates and disintegrates the unburnt fuel. it enhances mileage, smooth-en engine function and eliminate  drastically carbon soot emission smoke, cleanse injection, combustion clean the complete tank and thus reduces the global warming there by leaving a green/serene piece to our progeny.

Rinuja bio-oil fuel additive is only 5 Element based 100% bio-organic ADDITIVE for fuel first time launched in the world. Hence it is a natural ideal compatible fluid for all fuel types: kerosene, unleaded 95 and 98 petrol , diesel, under ideal conditions, each enzyme react with each molecules.

Rinuja bio-oil fuel additive for fuel being one hundred percent organic hence capable to enhance/boost up to 10% to 40% fuel use through increased mileage per litre of fuel.

Rinuja bio-oil fuel additive for fuel is extracted and blended from plants/shrubs having high hydro carbon contents ‘Good Bacteria’ are being used to extract the quality ADDITIVE. This technology was developed by renowned micro-biologist scientist Sri Abdul Azis in India.

  • Usage: Increase 30% mileage
  • Raw material: Plant oil
  • Problem solved: Reduce 30% carbon dioxide, no outcome of carbon monoxide, nitrous oxide and lead oxide.