About Bio Oil

Government has emphasized on achieving energy security of the country with a target of reducing import dependence i.e. usage of fossil fuels. The growing concern about the import dependence for fuel requirement in tandem with environmental pollution issues have driven the need for alternative fuels that have superior environment benefits and are economically competitive with fossil fuel. This envisages a strategic role for biofuels in the Indian Energy basket. These resources include agriculture and forest residue, Municipal Solid Waste (MSW), cow dung etc. which can be used to convert into biofuels. The Government is committed to utilize these with the aim to reduce our dependence on import of crude oil, achieve foreign exchange savings, provide better remuneration for the farmers with a view to double their income, address growing environment issues owing to use of fossil fuels and burning of biomass/ waste, address challenges of waste management/ agri-residues management in line with Swachh Bharat Abhiyan and promote “Make in India” campaign.

BIO-OIL FUEL ADDITIVE for fuel being one hundred percent organic hence capable to enhance/boost up to 10% to 30% fuel use through increased mileage per litre of fuel.



The fuel additive BIO-OIL FUEL ADDITIVE also acts as an atomizer, which causes a mini-explosion to occur before it reaches the pistons and all combustion zones.


The fuel additive BIO-OIL FUEL ADDITIVE contains five Bio Organics that clear the combustion area and prevent the buildup of carbon deposits. When carbon deposition is eliminated from the combustion zone, fuel is therefore eligible for maximum efficiency.


The fuel additive BIO-OIL FUEL removes tougher gum and resin buildup in the fuel injection system. This increases the fuel’s ability to burn more quickly when it falls into the injection zone by improving fuel spray capabilities.


BIO-OIL FUEL ADDITIVE also work as lubricant within the combustion compartment and helps drastically reduction of friction between the pistons and walls of combustion compartment. This feature smoothens and augments pistons function inside the combustion compartment.