Its exclusive and innovative invention of production of electricity from bio-mass like country wood, coconut shell and etc..

  • Usage: To produce electricity and activated charcoal
  • raw material: wood
  • Process: carbonization
  • End product : charcoal& electricity
  • Problem solved: No wastage of fuel gas while manufacturing activated charcoal. this gas is used for power generation.

Brief on the project

  • The Plant can be erected in any region void of factors relating to environment and other such things
  • The smoke that is emerged out in this process is converted into PRODUCER GAS after purification process, so there is nothing to pollute the existing atmosphere and the surrounding places by any waste or residues from the production plant.
  • The PRODUCER GAS thus converted is in turn given into a gas engine as fuel to run the engine for generating electricity
  • The production capacity of the power is determined by the efficiency of the engine and the supply of gas (fuel) to the engine is surplus in this unique invention.
  • Here the energy produced is comparatively very economic with any other projects or means of producing electricity


  • The Raw  material used is being country wood in this project after burning inside the kiln is converted into charcoal for an extent up to 20 to 30 percentage.
  • The smoke produced in the kiln is purified and converted into Gas in this process. This gas is given as a fuel for the engine to generate electricity. As a result the process is POLLUTION FREE. So the project is Eco-friendly.
  • An uninterrupted power supply is guaranteed in this process of self production of power.
  • The power generated in this process is of very low cost. It saves plenty of money spent on power to be utilized or other welfare activities.
  • This project creates plenty of job opportunities.
  • This project is Eco-friendly.
  • Subsidy is available from Ministry of New Renewable Energy.
  • This pay-back time for the investment is too short.
  • This project is eligible for carbon credits.
  • Income Tax exemption for grid linked projects for 9 years.
  • Depreciation benefit 80%.
  • Capital subsidy can be availed.


  • Area of land required will be decided according to the necessity of the power to be produced or generated.
  • Space for storing raw materials for at least one month should be built.
  • A separate space for office and control of this unit should have to be constructed along with the control room.
  • The control room with a hi-tech facility with all the necessary systems and software to have a online details of the productivity and expenditure of the raw materials and the end product.

Components of the project

The Complete plant erection includes the following items:

  • Fire chamber constructed with special bricks and insulated with metal sheets.
  • Condenser
  • Scrubber
  • Filters(Purifiers)
  • Blowers
  • Vacuum Pumps
  • Water Motors
  • Pipe Lines and valves
  • Controls
  • All Electrical accessories needed in erection of the plant
  • Flanges
  • Connecting Box
  • Cooling chamber
  • Over Head water Tank(Reservoir)
  • Water pipe Lines
  • Ladders and trolleys
  • Civil work required for the plant and storage of raw material