• Rinuja Probiotic Organic Fertilizer , increases the growth of flowers and fruit .It supports plant and soil health, increase nutrient uptake and promote plant resilience, Gives Vigorous Root Growth
  • It contains potassium, phosphorus, manganese, copper, calcium, zinc, iron etc. It Increase tolerance of stress from weather, Disease + Insect. Improves Water Retention
  • It increases the quality and quantity of flowers and fruits , Controls Root Rot disease ,Beneficial bacteria can help plants withstand drought and other environmental stresses.
  • How to Apply : Take 10 to 15 ML of Rinuja Probiotic liquid fertilizer and Add 1 litre of water to make solution, And spray on plant leaves or drench in soil . Apply every 7 or 10 days over the plants as required
  • Note : *Do not Spray the fertilizer directly on the plants without mixing with water. * Shake well before use * Spray or drench i

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RINUJA - Probiotic Organic Fertilizer - 500 ml


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